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Best Gaming Chairs 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Gaming Chairs 2017 - Buyer’s Guide

For better gaming, We must need to know all about Best Gaming Chairs 2017. With the ever growing popularity of the professional gaming, gaming accessories get acknowledged day by day . It is a perfect seat to play for a long time; but choosing a perfect gaming chair is a tough job.

Selecting a Gaming Chair- This Is What Professionals Do Before Buying

Gaming chair is all about comfort and it depends on the mind of a user. Needs of the user may vary and different product will give different utilities based on their nature, features, style and design. But first thing first, we have to know some important things about the modern mechanism of gaming chairs such as ergonomics, materials used in making, and design.

Never Forget To Check About Ergonomics

According to Oxford Dictionary Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. It is very important for gamers to know what it Ergonomics so that they can match their expectations with the build quality, products have to offer. The best PC gaming chairs provide lumbar support and multiple ways to make adjustments in seats, armrest, and tilting, high back and weight carrying capability. This allows you to customize your chair to your height and body type. Gamers should keep in mind these following features:

  • Height control
  • Armrest height control: 4D/3D adjustability
  • Tension control
  • Backrest lock
  • Seat pan slider
  • Swivel
  • Tilt adjust and Lock

Build Material Is An Important Factor

Gamers want a chair that is made from durable materials that will stand the test of time. Most modern chairs are made from a combination of high density plastics and synthetic materials that are explicitly manufactured to prevent wear. The leather of the chair should be high quality resilient foam, PVC leather and aluminum alloy feet. In any case, it is important to take a close look at the quality of these materials in order to protect your investment and to get greater comfort.

Design and Outlook Depend On You to pick The Best Gaming Chairs

Design and outlook is now very important for the gamers as they are now professionally playing in the tournaments and streaming for hours for their fans, thus show off is necessary. Gaming chairs are now producing, keeping in mind that what design will help gamers to keep them painless for long. Gamers should select a gaming chair according to their comfort level, body size and weight. Gaming chair manufacturing companies have different varieties of chairs according to the need of the gamers such as O-Series, F-Series, K-Series, S-Series, T-Series etc. On the other hand outlook is very important as color choice varies from person to person; most of the gaming chair manufacturing companies tries their best to bring different mixtures of colors.


Gaming Chairs Speciality Rating
DX Racer Very Popular among gamers and tournaments   9.7/10
Vertagear S-Line SL2000 Very Popular 9.3/10
X Rocker 51396 Pro Popular for console gaming 9/10
AK Racing Very popular for sponsorship in eSports 8.7/10
Yaheetech High Back Gaming Chair Average in Price 8.5/10
Arozzi Torretta Series Popular 8.3/10
Ferrino Line Chair by RapidX Popular 7.9/10
Merax High Back Gaming Chair Popular in low budget category 7.5/10
Homall Gaming Chair Popular for both gaming and executive purpose.


Amazon Basics High Back Effective for Low Budget 6.5/10

Here we present some of the best Gaming Chairs that will rock 2017, from which gamers can choose the best that fits them.

1. DXRacer Racing Series - The Gamers’ favorite and Best Gaming Chair 2017


DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RE0/NW is the most used and favorite seat brand among the professional gamers across the world thus this is
the Best Computer Gaming Chair  of 2017 according to our survey. Players from different gaming community have shown utmost interest particularly in Racing Series.

DXRacer F Series - Gaming Chair Unboxing

Check the Unboxing video of DX racer now. Special Thanks to James Turner for sharing with us.

Apart from being the most used brand in professional gaming, it the most well crafted seat that ever produced through many alteration and upgrades. It comes with multi functional mechanism and it looks cool and comfortable. It has 4D adjustable arm rest and it is well cushioned. DxRacer chair has higher backrest and 135 degree adjustable back angle to support gamers’ entire spine column. The pillow is really comfortable to lean the chair-back back and lay your head on it to watch streams/tournaments. Inlaid collar bar base, Carbon look vinyl and 3” PU caster make this chair more fascination for the buyers.  DxRacer chairs are seen to be the preferable choice for the professional gaming tournaments like DotA 2, CS: GO and LOL.  If you’re into the competitive gaming scene, you’ve probably seen their chairs at major gaming events such as IEM and Dreamhack, ESL etc.

Last but not the least it has less harsh chemicals in its body that makes this chair an eco-conscious one. On my Best Gaming Chairs  list of 2017, DxRacer gets to the top of the table for its mechanism and comfort. Without the shadowof a doubt  this is one of the most amazing gaming chairs that can be purchased in 2017. The DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RE0/NW is well worth the investment.

  • 4D adjustable armrest and up to 135 degree back angle.
  • Amazingly comfortable and easy to assemble.
  • Comes with variety and colors.
  • Strong base line and soft cushioned.

  • A bit pricy.
  • A big problematic for shorter people to manage sometimes.
  • White color is actually Off-white.

2. Vertagear S-Line SL2000 Racing Series Gaming Chair - A combination of form and function


Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL-2000 series gaming chair is one of the Best Gaming Chairs  of 2017 and it focuses on ergonomics, design, and functionality which is designed to give wide range of adjustability that gives gamers the best comfort and support in every gaming position for extended period of time.

High backrest is designed to provide neck, shoulder and lumbar support. It comes with steel frame, High density resilient foam, PVC leather and Aluminum alloy feet. Its adjustable tilt tension mechanism allows gamers to increase or decrease the tension by easily turn the knob to match your body weigh. Its 3D armrest system gives support to the gaming arm and prevents repetitive stress.

Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL-2000 is also popular for giving the feel of a racing car seat as you can lean back and no risk of tripping over. Stats show that 78% of the user rates this seat as the Best Gaming Chair that they use till date.

  • Incredibly easy to assemble.
  • Overall build quality is solid and very few squeaks and creaks
  • Does a great job of forcing good posture
  • Wide range of colors

  • Bolting problem in the lower part.
  • High budget price.

3. X Rocker 51396 Pro Series – Best Gaming Chair for PS4


For all the console gamers out there, XRocker has introduced a great seat for you guys and this, X Rocker 51396 Pro Series so far the Best Gaming Chair  for console gaming and entertainment purposes. While gaming, you not only see and hear the visuals and audio, you can actually feel it.

X Rocker gaming chair has two speakers hidden in the headrest and a subwoofer that uses Ace Bayou’s innovative Audio Force Modulation Technology incorporated with AFM speakers and ported power sub-woofers into the open space within the X Rocker to intensify sound quality and your experience.  This is also a wireless pedestal gaming chair unlike its predecessor that allows you to tilt and swivel while gaming and its armrest gives a subtle grandeur to its look. Its control panel includes separate volume and bass controls, and input and output jacks for connecting to your audio source and to other X Rockers for multi-player games. So, the console lovers, sit back and play hard on Xrocker.

  • Awesome Sound & Vibration
  • Comfortable, Keeps Good Posture
  • Easy Setup

  • Leaning back is very limited
  • No power charger included for transmitter
  • Armrests are of lesser quality.

4. AK Racing Gaming Chair: Prime and sponsored in many events


AKRaacing is one of the prime gaming chair manufacturers who has been involved directly in eSports gaming and been sponsored gaming organization like Team Dignitus, Team HellRaisers and Team Torpedo.

AKRacing Arctica gaming chair is the top favorite among the gamers. Since its arrival, it catches the eye with its ergonomic design and high quality materials. High Quality PU leather and high density mould foam and standard seat mechanism, which make the chair utterly comfortable for the long gaming sessions where the foam density is: 55 kg/m³ (seat) 50 kg/m³ (back). It comes with 4D height adjustable armrest covers with 25.3×8.5×2.5cm size arm pad.  Backrest adjustment comes with rocking tilt adjustments and tilt lock with the adjustable angle og 180 degree. The chair can be tilted up to 12-degrees, it also lockable in the upright position to prevent the chair from rocking.

The chair also has adjustable headrest. On the other hand A durable metal frame structure shaped in 5-Star black base with Cool looking wheels that make it very easy to move the chair around, together which ensure durability for years to come.

  • Awesome Sound & Vibration
  • Comfortable, Keeps Good Posture
  • Easy Setup

  • Leaning back is very limited
  • No power charger included for transmitter
  • Armrests are of lesser quality.

5. Yaheetech High Back Gaming Chair


If you cannot spend too much on a gaming chair but want to get the maximum out of your penny, Yaheetech High Back Gaming Chair is the one for you. This is one of the low budget best gaming chairs on the market today and ruling the internet for quite some times. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing a budget chair, as long as you get something that will go well with you without compromising your health. It may not be the perfect ergonomic chair but it covers the basics quite well.

The whole chair is covered with faux leather and added back support
Pneumatic seat and height adjustment where seat back height is 29.1inches; seat dimension is 20 x 19inches. It has 360 degree swivel system and can hold up to 550lb.  it has non adjustable arm rest but well cushioned. This chair has black steel base for extra durability and 5 nylon castors for moving easily. Nevertheless, for the price, you can’t go wrong assuming you don’t already possess a worthy computer gaming chair.

  • Low budget but comfortable.
  • Leans the back quite well.
  • Wheel works perfectly on the carpet

  • Limited tilting and adjustment function.
  • Assembly process is not good.
  • Durability issues.

6. Ferrino Line Chair by RapidX- Durability with Design


Inspired by professional harness bucket seats, the RapidX Ferrino Line features an attractive, customized exterior that conceals its orthopedically and ergonomically designed core that brings utmost comfort for the gamers while gaming.

Ferrino chairs by RapidX are best for gamers when it comes to appearance and durability issue. These chairs comes with high-quality molded polyurethane foam core, Diamond-patterned backrest with colored stitching, Five-point base on 2-inch rim-styled casters, adjustable and removable neck and lumbar support pillows also with color stitching. It has lift cylinder adjusts seat height from 14 to 16.6 inches; 3D-adjustable PVC armrests with three directional settings and 85-155 degree angle recline adjuster, armrests adjust from 11.8 to 14.5 inches in height,. This graphical chair also based with 20.8-inch Black aluminum star base, and can support up to 265lbs.

Ferrino Chair by RapidX is one of the best chair that catches the attention of the professional gamers and from a review statistics it scores the third highest ranking overall and certainly proves to be one of the best chairs of 2017. So its high time to sit and play and stand out from the rest.

  • Utmost comfortable to seat and eye catching design that makes it look expensive.
  • Great engineering – 50 lbs of great material – even the base is metal!
  • Easy assembly.
  • Highly durable.

  • The mechanism to adjust the back rest is somewhat exposed on the top
  • Doesn’t have a full tilt lock for the seat base and can only be able to lock into upright position.

7. Arozzi Torretta Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair:


The Arozzi Torretta and Torretta XL family of gaming chairs deliver substantial upgrades in comfort and design allowing you to go longer for gaming. The Arozzi Torretta is designed in Sweden with ergonomically effective features but in low price range. It has a metal body with thick padded seat and backrest.

Torreta series provides Fabric on the front and in the seat and PU leather on the backrest and on the sides. It has 360 degree swivel rotation along with Adjustable armrest both in height and rotation. It also has Tilltable seat with lock function and lightweight construction for easy movement. Its metallic base has strong 5 twin wheel nylon casters. Torretta’ series’ smooth service and ergonomic design are inspired from the needs of motor sports and available in a variety of dazzling colors to illustrate what encourages you to victory.

  • Low budget ergonomic gaming chair.
  • High quality recline material.
  • Easy to assemble.

  • Not at all good for bulky people.
  • Strange design in the seat portion.
  • Gas piston does not rose higher.

8. Merax High Back Gaming Chair: Best Budget Gaming Chair


Merax High Back Gaming Chair is one of the most elegant looking cost effective seat for gamers and certainly be a top priority of many people’s list. Despite a low budget chair, this chair is upholstered with soft padding for superior comfort. It also comes with basic ergonomics like lumbar support, comfortable headrest pillow, 360 degree swivel, tilt function, upright lock function, Adjustable armrests and height adjustability.

Merax chairs are crafted to perfection and designed to the bodies natural shape, you will find complete comfort with its High Quality PU leather and padded seat; deep padding on seat & back cushions for extra comfort, where the back size: 25.2×33.1 inch, seat size: 21.6×20 .1 inch and Adjustable seat height: 17.7-20.9 inch. It can hold up to 250 Lbs. It also has Chrome base, 5 safety casters, contrasting with its color variants and has awesome footrest module. This overall a good gaming chair package that supports the budget and bring great comfort for gamers to play longer period of time.

  • Cheap with high tech mechanism.
  • 0-180 degree back adjustability
  • Wide range of colors.

  • Sometimes seat gets a big hotter.
  • Padding not as plush as it appears, may be too stiff for some
  • Normal armrest system.

9. Homall Desk Chair Executive Gaming Chair


Homall High Back gaming chair is a cost effective Best Gaming Chair  for the beginners as makers of this ergonomic chair have tried to wrap up all the qualities with this model to appeal to the gamers. This chair is pretty inviting to gamers because not only does it have bucket seat for long-term support and comfort, it is covered in good-looking leather with the choice of different color combinations.

PU Leather around chair including armrest good for your skin perfectly provides you to have extremely comfortable gaming sessions. It has padded armrests, a 360 swivel so that gamers can turn their attention to different screens and it should be strong enough for larger users with the promise of 280 lbs load ability. Rather than just adding a tilt feature on the back rest the whole chair can rocked back and forth which is fitting for napping and seating during gaming and wonderful experience in concentrated gaming moments. This chair has Adjustable height from 18″ to 21″ and heavy duty base with castors for greater stability. This is a great chair for the gamers who have budget issues but worth buying it.

  • All ergonomic facility in low price
  • Well built Rocking feature.
  • Good looking leather quality and color variations.

  • Issues with assembly process.
  • Build Materials are not too good.
  • Durability issues.

10. Amazon Basics High Back Chair: Mid-Range Ergonomic Office Chairs for Gaming


 The Amazon Basics High-Back Leather Office Chair is probably the Best Gaming Chairs  for your low cash on the market right now. It is one of the highest private labeled chair items sold by Amazon. The black leather upholstery and professional design aren’t something you’d expect to see in this price range. But its ergonomic design and pneumatic seat would give you much pleasure while gaming.

This can be a great asset for the aspiring gamers and the people who are not into professional gaming. It might not serve the best as the high budget chairs but it brings satisfactory comfort for the gamers. It has backrest control and easy adjustment of rise and down control. The smooth back contours provide an okay level of comfort and the dual wheel casters are well-built.

  • Cheap, reliable and easy to use.
  • Comfortable padding and backrest.
  • Quality shipping service for Amazon furniture.

  • Tilt mechanism has to be adjusted
  • Only comes in one color

Final Verdict

For the Best Gaming Chairs  2017, we have selected 10 Top models based on our expert panel review, reviews of the users, use of the chairs in gaming competitions, popularity, ergonomic quality and price. Every chair that is presented here has their own set of qualities and they are best at these prices. Gamers can choose their own, based on what they like the most. Hopefully this review comes handy. If you have any question regarding gaming chairs , please feel free to contact me and my team, Thank You.

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