Best Climbing Shoes 2017- Buyer’s Guide

Ways to get The Best Climbing Shoes For you

To pick the Best Climbing Shoes is not an easy task. A climbing shoe is a specific type of footwear which is specially designed for climbing high surface. Usually climbing shoes is designed with an adjacent fit, little padding and a smooth, sticky rubber sole with an extended rubber rand to make the climber feel comfortable. Unlike walking or hiking, climbing shoes are typically put on at the base of a climb. That’s why if you want to or interested to climb a high surface, you have to pick the best climbing shoes.

The main purpose of wearing a climbing shoe is to keep the climber’s feet protected from being hurt as they have to move through rough and sharp cliffs. That’s why modern climbing shoes use carefully designed multi-piece patterns to conform very closely to the wearer’s feet. Leather is commonly used for the upper material of the shoe as well other materials like fabrics and synthetic leather. For rock-climbing, climbing rubber are specifically used for the soles. To increase the ability to stand on small holds and pockets, climbing shoes are manufactured carefully with a downward pointing toe box.

Now you may be nervous and cautious of the shoes as there are many known or unknown brands who manufacture various kinds of climbing shoes. But you need to find the best climbing shoes for your comfort and safe climbing. Alright, no need to worry any more as we are giving you all the information regarding your desired climbing shoe and besides that we are giving you 10 best climbing shoes’s details that will help you choose the right one.

Why You Need a Climbing Shoe

  • To enjoy the fullness of climbing.
  • To be safe.
  • To feel comfortable while climbing.
  • It is long-lasting.

Things to Consider

You cannot just go into a shop and buy a shoe for climbing. While choosing the best mountain climbing shoes, you need to be focused and aware of what you are buying. It is the question for the survival of your life. Just think, you are above 500m on a hill and your shoe just slipped there as you did not cared about what you purchased, what happened next. May be your feet is quite different from others like some extra wide. You have to buy the right size rock climbing shoes adjacent to your feet. Our guide will help you understand all the matters to purchase the right hill climbing shoe.

How tight you should choose?

For the beginners, they should choose the shoes those fit for them contentedly, so that one can wear his shoes all day. After taking a few climbing sessions, your toes might just be touching the end of the shoe or there might be a small gap between your toes and the tip of the shoe.

When you feel your shoe is fit for any performance, just take them off regularly to stretch and relax. Once you’ve used and stretched them a bit, your toe should feel comfortable without a little painful squeeze.

Materials and stretch

Leather stretches up to 1 full size. You have to choose a shoe in which your toes could have a curl when the shoes are new to enjoy a performance fit. But you have to be also concerned about the curl is not painful.

Shoe with leather lined may only stretch about ½ size. It takes some moment to be performance fit but after being so, they offer a more reliable fit.

Be conscious while choosing shoes with synthetic materials. They offer minimal stretch and their shape don’t change much. Be sure of your size as you want them to feel when climbing.

Sizing tips

Be sure of the size of your shoe if they are comfortable while wearing them. You also should keep in mind the following things while choosing a climbing shoe.

  • Try on shoes at the end of the day as your feet are slightly larger then.
  • Wearing a climbing shoe, you should not feel a slight pain.
  • Be sure of sizing numbers. Different brands have their own number to size their product.
  • Don’t hurry when trying a climbing shoe. The best climbing shoes is that one which fits your toe with comfort. So take your time and try out several ones.

Laces or Velcro

     Laces up shoes are the best regarding comfort. You can tight it or loosen it as your comfort.

  • They usually have a more relaxed fit as you can loosen them during a long day of climbing.
  • The laces at the toe can avert technical climbing moves like toe hooks. Besides they are less convenient to take off and put on

   Velcro closures shoes are convenient to put on and take off.

  • They provide a good combination of comfort and performance.
  • They fit comfortably to the beginning so you can adjust the fit as they stretch. So most people use them only while they are on the rock.
  • They are usually softer to support aggressive climbing and bouldering.

Here we are presenting a list of best climbing shoes for better climbing experience.

Name of Shoes Style Fitting Score Ranking(Out of 10)
La Sportiva Mythos Vibram XS Edge Climbing Shoe – Men’s lace 72 9.7
La Sportiva Testarossa Shoe lace 68 9.5
La Sportiva Nago Climbing Shoe – Men’s lace 66 9
La Sportiva Miura VS Shoe – Men’s Velcro 75 8.9
La Sportiva Otaki Climbing Shoe – Men’s Velcro 75 8.6
La Sportiva Katana Lace – Men’s lace 72 8.5
Scarpa Men’s Vapor V Climbing Shoe Velcro 57 8
Evolv Kronos Velcro 50 7.2
Mad Rock Lotus Climbing Shoe – Women’s Velcro 50 7.1
La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe – Men’s Velcro 68 7

10 Best climbing shoes

There are so many brands and qualities of climbing shoe. From them 10 best shoes are being described for your consideration. From here you will easily find your desired one.

1. La Sportiva Mythos Vibram XS Edge Climbing Shoe - Men's

La Sportiva Mythos Vibram XS Edge Climbing Shoe - Men's -Best-Climbing-shoesThe Mythos is one of the oldest climbing shoes around the globe among the climbing shoe brands and also one of the best-selling as well. They hold their place in market for their comfortable and softness service. It provides climbers the performance they need for hard moves and the relief to hang in there pitch after pitch. That’s why climbers from everywhere began to trust the La Sportiva Mythos Vibram XS Edge Climbing Shoes. The soft unlined leather is very comfortable from the first day you put it on and stretches itself consistent with your feet. After fitting with your toe, you will feel so relief. The unique lacing system will help you to keep this snug up. Again the unlined leather uppers form will help to keep this comfort level. As an all-day rock climbing shoe it is much better and besides a shoe for all-day comfort over micro-edging for them who adore it.

This shoe is that kind of shoe wearing it you can pass your whole day long without any problem. Almost certainly this is the best shoe for comfortable riding in the market. It will help you climb the rough cliffs easily. It is very beneficial for them who have foot issues (such as bone spurs or injuries). This shoe also works better at cracks as the “flat foot” position.

You might have a little trouble sizing your just because they stretch so much. They also have a different toe position than most other shoes. They are likely to get a little sloppy. Re-lacing these shoes is a major concern if you break a lace.
The buying cost of this shoe is little expensive but people who buy this shoe fall in love with it and use them forever.

Highlighted Features

  • Low toe profile for crack climbing.
  • 4mm Vibram® XS Edge outsoles stick well whether smearing or climbing cracks.
  • Patented lacing system provides a locked down fit.
  • Unlined upper stretches to fit every foot.
  • Technology in tongue drives moisture away from the skin and keeps you cool, dry and comfortable.
  • LaspoFlex midsole for maximum torsion stiffness.
  • XS Edge sole resists to deformation on razor sharp.

3. La Sportiva Nago Shoe - Men's

.La Sportiva Nago Shoe - Men's The Best Climbing ShoesFor beginner and intermediate climbers, the La Sportiva Men’s Nago Shoe is one of the best climbing shoess. It has been designed all-around lace up for comfort and performance. Its technically designed fit won’t leave your foot cramped so you can work through the route as many times as necessary. In the arch area, the punched lined synthetic leather cloaks the foot for a perfect fit. It also uses a vented synthetic upper to ensure your feet feel the combination of soft and comfortable feeling.

For wicking sweat and quick drying, the tongues are lined with Dry-Best. But the rest of the shoe remains unlined for responsiveness. The 5mm Sticky Vibram® XS Edge outsole sticks to everything whether you’re hitting a sport route or just hanging at the gym wall. For all day comfort work out, the toes-flat low tension fit makes it a great shoe. It can be the best climbing shoes for those who have wide feet. Though it stretches up to ½ or 1 full size after using and you may face difficulties of finding all sizes, the La Sportiva Nago Climbing Shoe can be an ideal pick for beginners and also for advanced climbers who want comfortable footwear for all-day climbing.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed for comfort and performance.
  • Lace-up design for accurate and comfortable fit.
  • Perforated synthetic rubber through the arch.
  • Sticky 5mm Vibram® XS Grip rubber outsole.
  • Leather and synthetic leather upper.
  • Technical fit.

2. La Sportiva Testarossa Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva Testarossa Climbing Shoe - Best Climbing ShoesIf you are searching the best climbing shoes for vertical sport routes and boulder glitches, La Sportiva’s Testarossa can be the solution of your problem. This shoe was designed for high performance climbing. This shoe has created a revolution in performance climbing footwear.
Its Hytrel anatomical midsole and asymmetrical shape provide you precision and glove-like fit for greter balance of power and sensitivity. It designed basically to focus power to the toe box.  The Vibram® XS Grip2 rubber with unique tension rand and dynamic slingshot heel band do the job very stunningly. Again a P3 semi-stiff midsole offers a perfect blend of stiffness and sensitivity. The combine use of synthetic and leather makes the Testarossa a powerful climbing monster. The lace-up style lets you feel the fit for more precision and comfort. Testers found that climbers can easily stand on anything with a fresh pair of Testarossas.

Though it is quite expensive and also a shoe of poor toe hooker, you can buy it without any hesitation. It is one of the best.

Highlighted Features

  • Aggressive shape.
  • Dual-material upper.
  • Vibram XS Grip2 for serious edging performance, smearing performance, and durability.
  • 3D cupped hytrel midsole.
  • Full-length laces for a precise fit.

4. La Sportiva Miura VS Climbing Shoes - Men's

La Sportiva Miura VS Climbing Shoes - Men's Best Climbing ShoeThe Miura VS climbing shoe belongs to the genre of very hard climbing. The climbers mainly use it for sport routes, gym climbing, bouldering, as well as technical face climbing. This monster designed to do a lot of heavy lifting for you. The P3 soles absorb most of the pressure of tip-toes on the rock. This shoe is enriched with many advanced technical solutions. Velcro lace-up version is one of them. It helps you adjust the tight of your shoe’s fit very easily. It preserves the lace up model’s remarkable features with adding new high-tech elements.
Once they’ve worn in, or you’ve completely lost sensation in your feet,

. The leather upper, with a tubular construction, stretches enough to conform to your foot as well as the synthetic lining on the inside controls the amount of stretch. The bottom of the foot is unlined for better awareness against the rock and the XS Edge rubber helps for technical edging. P3 technology for arch support ensures maximum performance through time. Those who are expecting best climbing shoess under 200$ or less, it is for them. Though it has some technical issues liked ripping of the Velcro, but the Miura VS contains everything you love about the original Miura. The La Sportiva Miura VS is ideal for competitions and for the most demanding climbers.

Highlighted Features

  • Aggressive cambered shape.
  • Hook and loop closure system.
  • Slip-lasted construction.
  • 1.1mm Laspoflex midsole.
  • 4mm Vibram XS Edge™ rubber soles.
  • P3® platform.
  • Synthetic Dentex lining.

5. La Sportiva Otaki Climbing Shoe - Men's

La Sportiva Otaki Climbing Shoe - Men's Best Climbing Shoes everIn Japanese Samurai slang, Otaki is the oldest single wire sword that is extremely sharp and precise on small targets as well. La Sportiva Otaki Climbing Shoe for men is an updated version of La Sportiva’s very versatile, Katana. But Otaki is revised creation with a downturn for  more aggressive performance on any route or surface. The all-round snug fit of a slipper and volume regulation of a Velcro closure shoe have combined in this new construction method. The La Sportiva Otaki is one of the best rock climbing shoe which is also possesses the quality of all round climbing shoe. P3 technology smears a Permanent Power Platform so that the downturned profile of the shoe is not lost over time. The Innovative S-Heel™ allows maintaining perfect torsion stability while Vibram’s XS Edge sole sharpens the sides for ideal edging. Laser-cut leather and microfiber reinforcements combined upper reduce stretch and dual velcro closure ensures for a dialed in fit.  The LaspoFlex midsole aren’t too soft or too rigid; you could say it’s just right.

Otaki is a specific, supportive and regulated climbing shoe which is ideal for climbing in crags, on walls and boulders. Sometimes some experts complained about this shoe that it sized down after someday. But the design and ingredients of this shoe guarantees maximum sensitivity and precision even in torsion. Many renowned climbers certified the Otaki as best rock climbing shoe.

Highlighted Features

  • P3 downturned performance.
  • Hook and loop closure system.
  • Laser-cut leather and microfiber upper.
  • LaspoFlex midsole with medium stiffness.
  • Vibram XS Edge sole.
  • S-Heel construction.

6. La Sportiva Katana Lace - Men's

La Sportiva Katana Lace - Men'sThe La Sportiva Katana Lace is the lace up version of the original Katana. The slightly down turned toe and delicate asymmetry of the Katana Lace will allow climbers to hook into pockets and hold edges in absolute comfort. The La Sportiva Katana Lace is an ideal climbing shoe for intermediate climbers who want to push their limits in bouldering, gym climbing, overhanging sport climbing, and technical face climbing. La Sportiva have even added some extra technical details into the shoe which enhance the performance to even greater levels.

The La Sportiva Katana Lace has the tried and tested P3 system which will ensure that your new shoes maintain the same downturned profile throughout their life. Its P3 technology provides plenty of support and power transfer to your toes for serious edging performance. An innovative construction method of placing a lining between the rand and the leather upper to get the great breathing properties and precision of an unlined shoe with the minimal stretch of a lined shoe. The Vibram XS Edge rubber is great in most situations like smaller holds. The Katana Lace is a workhorse, not a show horse.

The combination of the laces means you can fit the internal volume of the shoe more accurately to the shape of your feet. This shoe keeps your foot in a relatively flat position, which is great for cracks and comfort. The powerful performance comes from a slightly down-turned asymmetrical shape that keeps your foot flat and The Katana Lace is a comfortable all-round rock shoe that will perform well on anything you throw at it. Perhaps nothing about the Katana really stands out, but nothing about it disappoints. But it may be called the best rock climbing shoe.

Highlighted Features

  • Tubular construction.
  • Medium Volume fit.
  • LaspoFlex midsole with medium stiffness.
  • Vibram XS Edge sole.
  • Front and back Pacific lining.
  • Suede leather and Lorica® combined upper.

7. Scarpa Men's Vapor V Climbing Shoe

Scarpa Men's Vapor V Climbing ShoeScarpa made the Vapor V’s upper out of stretchy, soft, and strong suede leather. This shoe focuses on precise footwork over different footholds like overhung and vertical. With 4mm of Vibram XS Grip 2 soles, the Vapor V is soft and sensitive enough to feel what you’re standing on and sticky enough to give you confidence on the glassiest rock. The result is a more powerful performance, assisting any movement from technical static moves to huge dynamic jumps.  The two Velcro closure straps were adequate for fixing the shoe down around your foot.

The Flexan midsole are on the softer side but the Vibram XS Edge sole keeps the Vapor V in its slightly downturned asymmetric shape. A slight downturn feels excellent on technical vertical routes as well as overhung boulder problems. The air mesh gusseted tongue enhances the upper’s overall comfort and it prevents debris from falling in. The Vapor V doesn’t stretch much at all over its life. However, after many miles of vertical edging, the downturn is lost. The shoe’s Bi-Tension rand system, basically a single horseshoe-shaped piece of tensioned rubber that outlines the underside of your foot, doesn’t seem to offer lifetime longevity.

Highlighted Features

  • Suede microsuede upper
  • Bi-Tension System rand.
  • Flexan midsole
  • Air mesh gusseted tongue.
  • Vibram XS Edge sole.

8. Evolv Kronos

Evolv Kronos best climbing shoesKronos’s anatomically engineered parts and design provide a comfortable fit without sacrificing performance. The Evolv Men’s Kronos Climbing Shoe feels right and comfortable on every pitch. It uses a single buckle plus cinch-pull strap closure for convenience and a customizable fit. They will be great all round shoes on any surface as it is one of the most durable flat-lasted climbing shoes for men.

This unlined shoe uses a single strap that gives a surprisingly snug fit. Its strong Synthratek VX upper conforms to your foot shape for a comfortable feel. The full-length midsole helps you edge up Levitation’s crimpy crux pitch and the VTR rand keeps the Trax high friction rubber sole solid for days at the gym. The modern climbers made it one of the best flat-lasted technical all-around shoes on the market. It can be the best beginner climbing shoe for practicing or outing. But you may feel disturbed while you are not climbing but wearing it. Like many other shoes, the heels may feel rough but it will get better after using a bit. This shoe performs as well it provides comforts during your outing.

Highlighted Features

  • Strong Synthratek VX upper
  • Unlined
  • Full-length midsole
  • Trax high friction rubber
  • VTR rand

For Women climbing shoes should be more prettier.

9. Mad Rock Lotus Climbing Shoe - Women's

Mad Rock Lotus Climbing Shoe - Women'sThe Lotus is best for tackling comps and especially overhanging surface. The Lotus sustains a tight performance slipper fit but minimizes the work of squeezing on the shoe. The Mad Rock Lotus Women’s Climbing shoe promises to give you the top-out buzz on every climb. The aggressive downturn and slipper-style design is ideal for extra-steep sport climbs and boulder problems. Though downturned, these shoes are pretty flexible to work well for multiple angles. The lace-up system adjusts the sizing very nicely. You can enjoy the split tongue design by this new closure system. The toe box is comfortably tight and the heel is well-fitting. The dragons are very sensitive. Thinner rubber on the toes allows you to feel the holds that you’re stepping on. The Arch Flex provides an aggressive but comfortable fit.

The Mad Rock Lotus gives you an unbelievably comfortable and glove-like fit by utilizing 1.8mm R2 rand rubber made Arch Flex system. The Rock Lotus uses an ultra-sticky Science Friction 3.0 rubber sole that sticks to rock like gum to hair. The elastic property in R2 formula hugs and locks your foot in to place without the pain. Climbers like Julie Schoenfeld used this shoe and she is very satisfied with it. This is a shoe for you if you have wide foot. This shoe is one of the best rock climbing women shoes around the market. Besides some sizing problems, it can be your desired shoe.

Highlighted Features

  • Syn Flex synthetic upper and footbed.
  • 3.8mm Science Friction 3.0 rubber with 2.2mm R2 rubber rand.
  • Arch Flex AES polycarbonate midsole.
  • Edge heel.
  • Upper rubber toe patch.
  • Aggressive downturn.
  • Single hook-and-loop strap.

10. La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe - Men's

La Sportiva’s Solution is a high performance shoe intentionally manufactured to provide the solution for modern bouldering problems. The design of La Sportiva Solution is one of the more aggressive and unique ones out there. It edges well and retaining great sensitivity as well. It is one of the few shoes that make you climb that much better. The Solution is a shoe that hooks, grabs, edges and smears on any feature you can find.

With the sticky Vibram XS Grip rubber and drastically down-turned, you can easily access the sharp cliffs and it is also effective on small rocks. To retain the downturned shape of the shoe, it was built with a sports molded 3D heel cup and the patented P3® Power Platform which will also give you power for performance climbing. All these features create a shoe that hooks, grabs, edges and smears on any feature you can find. The Lock Harness System® surrounds your foot and unifies it with the upper for a perfect fit. To give you a highly personalized fit, the highly adjustable Fast Lacing System lets you tailor the quick closing hook and loop closure.

This is definitely a shoe that any bouldering addict should try out. But you should be aware before buying it. It is not a shoe for the beginners. If you do not practice with it in gym, then you will just spread the rubber on the rock while climbing.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for overhanging sport routes, bouldering, gym climbing and technical face climbing.
  • Patented P3® power platform.
  • Lock Harness System®.
  • Adjustable Fast Lacing System.
  • 4mm-thich Vibram XS Grip2 rubber
  • Aggressive downturn.
  • Leather and Lorica® uppers.

Final Verdict

The best climbing shoes for means that shoe which will fit your foot, let you do your jobs easily, support you with its materials and feature. In this article you will easily found the right one for you as we give you everything that you would quest for. You will find variety of shoes in market but after buying them without getting any sense of them, you may just through your money in water. So we tried our best to let you learn about best mountain climbing shoe through this essay. We have also put a list and vast description of 10 best climbing shoes to enlighten you whole about these shoes. If you want to pick from the list your desired shoe, we can assure that you will not be cheated. We have also given direct product link so that you can buy them very easily. We have done everything for your easiness of knowing them. Now just feel free to follow the links and purchase them to enjoy the fullness of climbing. Visit here to see Best Beginner Climbing Shoe. Thank you.

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